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That is the title of a song with music by Michel LeGrand and lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman. The melody is gorgeous. The lyrics haunting. The “music” here can be actual music, or it can be a symbol for other things: one’s interest in a job or career, one’s dedication to something, one’s enjoyment of where one lives, how one lives, the music of friendship, of marriage. Or one’s enjoyment of daily life.

I turned sixty-seven this past May. I have a full and wonderful life with people I love and who love me, be they close by or afar. I am engaged in a creative pursuit, which I choose and love doing. I have a dog that is loving and affectionate, protective and fun, and she is a fabulous companion. I am in good health. So, what I ask, do I have to be cheesed off (dissatisfied) about? Nothing really. But when life goes along for enough time, usually years, in the same groove, it becomes a thorn in the flesh (pain in the butt), and I need to change something. I have, in the past, changed residence, which has been wonderful and done the trick. While beginning my life anew in another location does have its exciting side, I am ten years older than the last time I did that. The thought of going through all my clobber (personal belongings) and packing it up does not appeal at all. So, how do I sort it out (solve the problem)?

I reinvent myself.

Not completely for that takes more imagination that even I possess. But in whatever ways that interest me. An obvious choice is to change one’s thatch (hair). And I have. Nothing draconian. I am letting it grow a tad longer so that I can gel the hair and finger it about differently, changing directions, fashioning more movement. Relinquishing my hold on uniformity—which in itself is a whacking great (big) reinvention!

I have been choosing diverse clothing. Sweaters in colors I previously have not been drawn to such as a taupish-cocoa, and sable and fawn side by side. Styles new to me. The long cardy (cardigan sweater) with flowing lapels and no buttons. Never have I worn a cardy that cannot be secured against the cold! And long-sleeved tops that zip diagonally across the bodice and turn an open neck into a mock turtle. I purchased a new pair of berry-red eyeglasses in a shape I haven’t ever worn, and are they ever fun!Sue#4

All of these changes have served to put some spark back into my daily life.

Of course, learning a new language is always stimulating! I have studied Spanish, French, and Italian, and am at various levels of fluency there. My new linguistic passion, however, is—in case you have not noticed—British Slang (Informal speech) and hence all the perhaps unfamiliar words and explanations in parentheses. It is SUCH FUN to try and work them into conversations without appearing daft (silly, foolish) or acting like a berk or a prat (stupid person), and, perchance, to affect the appropriate delivery, chic accent and all!

Can your daily life use jazzing up a bit? If so, what can you do to make that happen?

If your life is jazzy enough, felicitations, and have a whale of a time (enjoy yourself)!

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